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Shipping & Delivery

Methods, Pricing, & Shipping times

We ship all around the world! No matter where you live, GLAMCOR will ship to your address!

Methods & Pricing:(All prices are in USD)

China & Hong Kong- SF EXPRESS: $5 for orders under $130, Free for orders over $130

Australia, Canada, & New Zealand-DHL EXPRESS AU & CA: $25 for orders under $130, Free for orders over $130

US Territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Palau, and Guam)-DHL EXPRESS: $25 for orders under $255, $65 for orders over $255

Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia- DHL EXPRESS: $25 for orders under $255, $65 for orders over $255

*** Customers from Brazil- please purchase lights through ***

Shipping Times:

• Ships the same or following business day.

• You are responsible for all import duties, taxes, and any other costs imposed upon you for receiving a shipment from us into your country. We are here to help, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions! 

• Generally, you will receive your order 3-5 days after it has been shipped. 


You are responsible for ALL import duties, taxes, and any other costs imposed upon you for receiving a shipment from us into your country.


Wait a second! What happens if you refuse, ignore, or not take delivery of your DHL Express shipment from us? Well, that's unfortunate for both of us. If DHL returns your merchandise to our factory, you are responsible for the shipping costs to and from our facility including but not limited to the import duties we pay to accept the return of the merchandise. We will provide proof of costs from DHL Express for the return. Your merchandise will still be considered yours, and unless under a previously arranged agreement, your merchandise will be placed in our warehouse until such time as you are ready to have it shipped back to you within 180 days after receipt of your merchandise in our facility. Re-shipping will be charged the negotiated rate. After 180 days, all unclaimed merchandise will be moved to our abandoned merchandise area and made property of GLAMCOR. In the event that DHL Express destroys the merchandise as a result of non-delivery to you, your merchandise is non-recoverable and no credit will be given to you from us for the loss. Merchandise is destroyed upon consideration of the shipping costs versus product value. For instance, if we ship a USD $15 item which incurs USD $10 of shipping to you and $10 of shipping back to us, we would opt to have DHL Express destroy the merchandise on your behalf. We are here to help, so email us at in case you need any questions answered!